Please read below to find answers to various queries you might have regarding the game and how to make money win gifts with MaoGifts.

What state is the game currently in ?

The game is now live, please download it from the app store using the link below.

make money win gifts maocoin

Can I really make money win gifts for free ?

Yes, the game is completely free, and is supported by sponsors. You earn daily without spending anything and cash out your winnings.

How much do you need to earn to redeem your winnings?

Weekly winnings you can cash out immediately through the claim menu. For daily earnings you only need to accumulate $10 to be able to cash out which our game lets you earn very very quickly. So the more you play and with a bit of luck you will be in the money sooner than you know it.

How do I enter the free prize draws to win gifts cards and free cash vouchers for top retailers ?

Simple, download the app and play the game, each play awards you mao coins based on your skill and luck, which are your entries into the prize draw.

What Gift cards are available ? Is Paypal supported ?

The most popular gift card we have is Amazon, we also offer Google play, Itunes, PSN, and a few others. If you have a particular one in mind which is not in our above list, you can request it during claim process and we will do our best to arrange it for you. Paypal is not currently support but will be available very soon

What is the draw schedule like?

The draw is held every sunday.

How is the draw run ?

The entries for the past week are collated and picked randomly. The week runs from the sunday to the following saturday inclusive.

How do I increase my chances of winning giftcards and earning money online ?

Very easy, leveling up in game gives you more daily plays to earn mao coins and entries. Also playing daily gives you an increased chance at winning giftcards and making cash online.

Does leveling up increase my chances of winning ?

In addition to more chances to earn coins, higher level players will be able to take part in exclusive free prize draws, with better chances to win compared to the main draw as reward for their support and dedication, so definitely go for it.

How do I know if I have won, and how do I claim my prize ?

Winners will get an in game notification in the subsequent week if they have won a prize. A claim option will become available on the main game screen through which you can access the claim menu. Please follow the instructions to claim.

Note: If the prize is not claimed till the next draw, a new winner will be selected the following week, so login daily and claim as soon as possible.

How long does it take to receive my prize ?

We will endeavor to deliver your prize to you as soon as possible, once you have claimed and verified your identity via instructions on the claim menu.

How do referrals work in MaoGifts: WinFreeGifts, are there any benefits ?

Yes, if you refer someone and they actively play, you get rewarded with bonus experience points, and if they win in the draw you are rewarded with additional bonus experience points which will boost your leveling and hence increase your chances of winning. Please read above about how higher level players get entries in the exclusive prize draws and more daily plays.

Wow, everything sounds great, what should I do now ?

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